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February 3rd, 2019

There went the weekend.

Saturday: Crew practice, meeting with coach, worked on lectures until I just couldn't anymore, then finished knitting the second slipper insert and took apart the first slipper.

That unleashed a lot of crumbs and dust.

Sunday: Baked muffins and sandwich bread, quick-washed Frodo, then rode to campus to work on mixing buffers for Tuesday's lab. Finished writing Wednesday's lecture, then rode home. Had some dinner, finished hemming some jeans that had been sitting in the to-do pile for about 3 months, and worked on some rowing-related tasks.

And now it's time for bed and the start of another week. I have two manuscript reviews I need to work on, a big stack of lab reports to grade, and a recommendation letter to write. We're in the process of interviewing job candidates, so that's more time lost to job talks and meetings.

This afternoon I learned that my sister has gone up from California to visit my parents for the week. This brings me great comfort. This past week was pretty rough for my mom and dad.

Things towards the top of the bike shopping wish list: More spare chains (just put a fresh one on Frodo), Bar Mitts, better balaclava. On the other hand, temperatures will be above freezing for a good part of the week this week. And regardless, at the moment things are almost all going on wish lists rather than lists of things to acquire, anyway.

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