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February 8th, 2019

I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but the recent bike commute haikus have all been part of a Christmas gift to my father: a total of ten promised and delivered.

But now I have the habit, and I had fun writing this one.

Also, 11's my lucky number.


Glorious gray gloom
Drizzle downpour deluge drip
Bicycling bravely


Winter Bike Commute Haiku #11
View of intersection along Henry Johnson Blvd and Central Ave, one of the busiest points along my bike commute to work. I REALLY wish the pedestrian beg button crossing signal was long enough to safely traverse across the entire intersection.

I am so behind on everything right now. But at least I have a lecture and quiz written for class, which starts in 15 minutes.

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Funny timing for this xkcd...

Yesterday, I wrote up lecture notes and some review questions and posted them to our LMS (which will remain nameless because it's obnoxious). Sometime after that, students alerted me to the fact that they could view the file but for some reason it wouldn't download properly. Then the LMS became totally wedged: I could no longer upload new files.

After it also became apparent that I wasn't able to upload this file as an e-mail attachment, I copied and pasted all of the text into a new Pages file. That worked fine. So, uh, yeah.


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