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February 14th, 2019

Some years ago, on a coffeeshop bike ride with my father, my father, [personal profile] scrottie and I visited a place in South Lake Union. I'm pretty sure that trip was earlier on in S's and my relationship but can't pinpoint the exact year or coffeeshop (2010?). Anyway, that coffeeshop offered up a special novelty: vacuum-brewed coffee. So S ordered and enjoyed a cup. We both noticed that the vacuum brewer (or "siphon brewer") seemed to offer up an especially smooth brew, but in general carried on our way after that expedition.

Still, on occasion S likes to bring up that vacuum brewed coffee in conversations when we're talking about coffee brewing strategies. So last year for Christmas, I got him one. It's just the sort of thing that seems nice and fun but slightly too impractical, expensive, and indulgent to justify getting for oneself.

That said, I'm enjoying the benefits of vacuum-brewed coffee far more than I'd anticipated. (He and I can share one round of vacuum-brewed coffee in the morning). The vacuum brewer can make even mediocre coffee taste more tolerable, it's not that much more work to set up and clean up than the moka pots we've been using, and has the added advantage that you can watch the whole brewing process (with a moka pot, you have to guess when the coffee's ready). A pleasing gift, all around.


It was snowing this morning when it was time to leave for work, but the forecast suggested the snow would let up, so I decided to try biking in to campus. It felt so good to do so. A light snow is a hundred times more pleasant than cold rain.

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