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February 15th, 2019

Misc. links

1. (NYT) New York shows Amazon it has a backbone. Having paid attention to a lot of what's happened with the Amazonia in Seattle...I hope that New York continues to have a spine. Also, this is one thing where I've got to say I appreciate being in New York State. I have my cultural differences, but I do appreciate a lot of the political elements in this state, as they often give me hope. [I will note that the flipside of this also makes itself apparent...on the rowing front I've run into a situation where there are grandfathered rules specific to the state, about which another rower said, "Well, this is New York, after all."]

2. (Vox) Because there's no such thing as free internet lunch, flickr's about to start deleting the crap outta photos in non-Pro accounts. I feel two ways about this: first, you get what you pay for. But second, I wish that there were more tiers to the photo-hosting options Flickr's now offering. I suspect there's a lot of variation across users, and by creating a single "Pro" tier I feel forced into paying for more services than I need. Given that I'm also paying for my own web hosting, I have some motivation to set up a homebrew system to host all my own stuff eventually. Old-skool but then it's MY sandbox, harumph.

3. (NYT) Look. The "war on drugs" has failed. US relations with Central and South American countries are full of all kinds of issues, historic and contemporary. I wish I knew what could be done, from a humanitarian standpoint. I do appreciate how this trial can help draw attention to all the related ongoing issues with drug cartels in Mexico: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/12/opinion/el-chapo-verdict-conviction.html

4. (NYT) While there are many reasons to be pessimistic about the state of affairs with respect to climate change, sometimes hope is an important element to encourage positive change. So it was interesting to read about this CO2 capturing technology: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/12/magazine/climeworks-business-climate-change.html

I think the largest challenge will continue to be getting the overall thermodynamic math to balance, plus calculations about the timescales involved, plus the nature of all the disasters that happen in the meantime: catastrophes plus species extinctions plus starvation plus warfare. Overpopulation and conspicuous overconsumption haven't gone away.

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