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April 14th, 2019

The joys of [state] taxes

Okay, I can see why states are using these bar-code type forms. But I REALLY don't like it when the form yells at me to fill in my country first, when the question asking me to fill in my country is AFTER all the questions about my street address, etc.

After seeing all of the sections and questions for people who live in New York City / Yonkers...I'm kind of relieved I don't live there. New York wasn't *too* terrible, all told.

But meanwhile, the Arizona form...I pushed some green button on the bar code form, and the green button magically added another form onto the end of the existing form. The only problem was, it added a form that wasn't applicable to my circumstances, so then I filled in a whole bunch of zeroes on the added form, but then the file refused to let me advance any further through the main form and nothing would tell me anything about why. Eventually just starting to fill in the form all over again fixed the problem. But still, that doesn't seem quite right.

I'm nervous about class and lab this week. Will the students manage to make things all work? A lot of the responsibility is on them.

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