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April 22nd, 2019

Logs and Wobble [rowing]

I made it out rowing this morning!!!!

Six more lab reports left to grade today.

I wound up rowing in a 2x with another rower named K. Only, this time I had K sit in stroke seat and I sat in bow seat and steered. K has a nice, tall back which is something I want to emulate.

The spring current on the Hudson River is FIERCE. I mean, we were able to row upstream, but whenever we stopped, I had to keep an eye on the banks and bridge abutments because we were slipping downstream so fast. The whirlpools along the edge of the river were something else, too. Thankfully K knows the river really well and had lots of helpful pointers.

There was a ton of debris out. It isn't the sticks and logs that I can see that terrify me. It's the ones that I can't or don't see. We had maybe four bigger bumps but none of them appeared to do any major damage, thankfully.

I am still feeling pretty wobbly. I lost a lot of abdominal strength over the winter, especially over the last two months, when I wasn't able to train as much. It will come back but it's a tad frustrating at the moment. I just have to keep rowing. Sit up straight, self!

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