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May 2nd, 2019

Meta-Vagueblogging; fun times in the 1x

Right now I'm annoyed because, well, okay, this Stella Marr postcard is still one of my favorite things in the entire universe:

And I also still agree with whoever it was who said, "Around here, politics is the local sport!" Sheesh, New Yorkers. Just, sheesh. I just have to try to retain a sense of humor, and also to retain a few pressure releases that aren't fraught. My other personal reminder is that by now I've spent a lot of time doing certain things on my own (long-distance bicycling, rowing in the 1x) that I know I have other options; that's a good reminder that the interpersonal dynamics and blah-blah-blah are things that I can set aside if I absolutely have to.


On the other hand, it was great to get out rowing this morning. We had an odd number of people, so I got asked if I'd be willing to row in a 1x. Well, it wasn't going to be pretty, but sure.

While it wasn't pretty, I actually did surprise myself a bit, in that I was able to get up to a 28 (spm) reasonably comfortably for our interval pieces.

I didn't hit any of the 8 big logs that I saw, or the tire, although I did encounter some other smaller debris.

I'm also developing a strong dislike for the whirlpools that happen just downstream of one set of bridge abutments. They're strong enough that it feels like the skeg has been ripped off of the boat. It's motivation to get through that part of the river quickly, I suppose.


Time to grade some exams.

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