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May 3rd, 2019

Today's random Rowing Thought of the Day

Why is it that when a team loses, they blame the equipment, but when they win, the equipment never gets the credit?

...don't answer that.

Yesterday, Coach Y had me go out in one of the club's Swift singles, but towards the end of practice commented that the boat was too big for me. I couldn't have fully articulated what was going on for me, but I do know that Coach Y has an excellent eye and sense of finesse, so I'm strongly inclined to believe him in such matters.

This morning, we wound up having 9 rowers, which is a somewhat awkward number to work with. Y wanted to put myself and my teammate H in a double, but that made him short for the second quad. So then H volunteered to go out in her single instead....except that today was her first day back on the water this spring. Normally I would have been happy with that arrangement, but there are good reasons to be careful about getting back on the water in the spring here. So I volunteered again.

Today, I got to row in a yellow Dirigo 1x instead. I never knew that Dirigo made 1x banana boats, but apparently they did, and not too long ago the previous owner donated the boat to our club. It was a surprisingly nice boat to row, and definitely fit better than the Swift. Overall I managed to more-or-less keep up with the quads up until the conditions got really choppy and I got nervous and tired towards the end. When Coach Y asked me about the boat at the end of practice, my comment was, "The boat was great! The rower, on the other hand, could use a lot of work."

But the only way to improve is to keep getting out there.

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