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May 5th, 2019

Excursion [Moreau Lake State Park]

I took some photos, but not sure when I'll upload them.

This post is mostly to note that [personal profile] scrottie and I finally managed to break free for a New York excursion to the greater region outside of Albany. After scrutinizing some maps and brochures, and discussing some possibilities, we finally decided to head up towards Lake George to see what its deal was. After a side trip for some cat food and cans of chilis (can't find good fresh ones out here, sob), we pointed Princess TinyHouse north and were on our way.

Upon reaching our first destination the Lake George Battlefield Park, we quickly determined that the southern tip of Lake George is an enormous tourist trap. A cheerful woman at the Visitor's Bureau informed us that it was still "mud season" and so people were discouraged from hiking the trails in the area. Oh, and the nearby campground wasn't open for the season yet either. But we could of course visit a nearby pub for some good beer if we'd like, and here's a huge handout with all the events that would be happening all summer long.

We declined, a little frustrated. After further discussion, we decided to backtrack somewhat, heading for some things we'd noticed along our way up to Lake George. This eventually landed us at Moreau Lake State Park, where the park staff were perfectly happy to accommodate us with at least a campsite overnight. S also had the foresight to purchase a park map, too, which revealed that there were good hikes to be had.

And so our expedition was salvaged. I fear that too much "camping" with Princess TinyHouse is going to make us soft, but on the other hand boy is it nice to have that kind of convenience, and the convenience sure helps to lower the barrier to getting out.

We are both probably going to be sore tomorrow from our short hike.

It was so cool to see the forest in the middle of going, "Fa-WHOOMPH" as everything puts out its leaves for the summer. We also got in some beautiful views of the Hudson River, and heard both an immense frog chorus in the evening and an exuberant bird chorus at dawn.

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