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May 15th, 2019

By popular (?) demand...

Here's a photo of my updated Geekosphere, with the golden cricket front and center:

Updated Geekosphere

I still need to bring in some epoxy for the cordyceps ant sculpture. One of these days. Time to put epoxy on my lab shopping list.

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So, sometime in the middle of the mid-semester frenzy, the front glass windscreen on one of our balances shattered. This one:

Balance with a broken windscreen

I'm finally getting around to working on repairs again. The reason why is the screw on the bottom right was somehow stuck. I eventually brought in some penetrating oil and applied it, and manged to get the screw to turn, but it still wouldn't come out, argdarnit.

So today I went in with more heavy-duty implements: a cut-off wheel and then a Dremel drill bit. So I got the screw bits out, but in the process I inevitably wound up enlarging the hole.

So here's my question. When I install the replacement glass panel, should I fill that hole with ______, then put the screw in place? What's the best filler substance to use in a case like this? Epoxy or something else? Ideas? (just so that the next person who has to do this repair doesn't have the same kinds of struggles I just had).

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