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May 17th, 2019

It's Bike to Work Day in Albany. So I went to rowing practice and then rode back through Albany to the Bike to Work Day meetup point, at one of the regional grocery stores.

It drizzled through practice, then picked up just as practice ended. Due to the rain, there were about the same number of participants in Bike to Work Day as bike police escorts. Slightly different from Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area, where there are so many people and energizer bikestations that we made a game out of seeing how many we could visit. Still, at least there's something here.

Kind of like how the Bike Count in Tempe counted bikes across a huge number of intersections, whereas the Bike Count here counts bikes across maybe 8 or 10 intersections. Still, this is more than what we had in Texas on the organizational-political side of things.

We first rode along the Madison Ave bike lanes to the bike shop, where there was a press conference. My big, blue bike helmet and I probably wound up on TV or something. While we were standing around a bit, getting coffee and chatting, I got this sudden feeling: Wait a minute, I should be giving things to people. What do I have to give to people?!

Oh yeah, reflective duck stickers! I carry a bunch in my purse at all times, so I dug them out.

As usual, people loved them. Even the police officers.

And now, to work.

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