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June 3rd, 2019

Kayak trailer + Helga House

Saturday was National Learn to Row Day, which was fun, of course. Lots of running to and fro, but also time with fun people in boats in good weather, yay!

After that wrapped up, I came home and went to work on the kayak trailer project. The next tasks were to finish welding on some reinforcement for the pulling arm, and to start drilling holes for attaching the pulling arm to the hitch.

I wanted to leave the welding up to [personal profile] scrottie, because he has a ton more experience with the finicky process that is welding with the cheap $100 welder. So I started to get set up for drilling the holes for the hitch fastener, to find out what the next roadblocks would be. A few minutes of experimentation revealed the implications of S's comments about having worn out my drill's chuck: it won't hold onto drill bits anymore. So I switched gears and hied me over to the Ace Hardware store in Troy. Since I couldn't find any tools at home that would allow me to remove the drill chuck, I hauled along the drill so I could try and test stuff out at the hardware store.

I had no luck on that front, but I was at least able to pick up another steel brush to facilitate metal prep for welding. And some of S's favorite beer from a shop in Troy that carries it. Plus it was also a beautiful day for bicycling expeditions.

Sunday morning, I made buckwheat waffles with rhubarb sauce, and then S and I saddled up for a trip to the Home Despot to see what they have by way of drill chucks and to pick up some other miscellanea. Somehow we were in there for a long time.

Unsurprisingly, the Despot was a bust in terms of tracking down a replacement drill chuck for this basic Black n Decker corded drill. Shopping for online replacements indicates they cost about the same amount as just buying another corded drill, so we concluded our next steps are to (1) just get another corded drill (sigh), and (2) use more aggressive means to try and get the old chuck off the old drill.

Then we came home, talked over a housekeeping to-do list, and got to work. We're renewing our lease tomorrow evening, so our landlord will be over and it's nice to have things ship-shape for that. And I mean, it also satisfies my inner Helga. Spring / early summer cleaning at its finest! Now the living room rug is freshly shampooed, the kitchen floor is thoroughly mopped, we have a hose set up in the backyard in the event that we ever actually need to water anything, the bathroom floor is clean(er), and a half-dozen other small tidying tasks are done.

We also managed to get pretty close to a testing phase for this trailer iteration: S finished out the welding on Sunday, and also finished out the hole drilling, using his battery-operated drill. This thing is going to be interesting to test and use. I should probably take some photos. I was keen to participate in this canal paddling event, but will just have to make mental note about trying for next year. So it goes.

Other random home projects:
-One of the seams on my rain jacket went out, so I ordered new seam sealant. I don't have too much to lose if I fail. It'll be interesting to see whether it works.

-I'm rebuilding a small wooden bedside table I found by the side of the road. The next step for that is fixing my old hand saw, which is kind of involved. I need to make a vise mount so I can mount the saw in the vise. I probably also need to get myself a saw set. There's always something in the works, eh?

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