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June 7th, 2019

Oat milk

Here's a totally random personal dilemma. I'm aware that dairy production is almost as fraught as meat production from a sweeping, environmental-impact perspective (but note that analyses that declare, "Meat Bad! Vegetarian Good!" rely on a huge number of oversimplifications).

But I've had an internal struggle when it comes to reducing my personal dairy consumption because I love having milk in my coffee, and most of the milk alternatives I've tried so far just aren't satisfying in one way or another.

For instance, I've read too much about how Ripple has had to do some ridiculous things to source its peas, plus I have found it a bit chalky, plus I hate the fact that it comes in plastic bottles. Too overprocessed.

I don't care for the taste of soymilk in coffee. (maybe it would be better if I made my own...but I have too many other food hobbies already)

And if you go to the grocery store these days, there's a dizzying array of other things to try, all in all sorts of artful packaging, making it overwhelming to know where to start. I'm sure cashew milk is wonderful (but expensive); I have other concerns about almond milk and coconut milk-drink (how sustainable are those supply chains?). So what's a person to do?

Well. For the most recent regatta, I happened to get a ride from a fellow coffee lover. One with barista experience. She had an actual answer: oat milk.

S was able to find vanilla-flavored oat milk, and yes, it works. Yum. The packaging is not overly crazy-making (plain paper carton). I'll have to check with S on the cost.

...On the other hand, the protein content of oat milk is substantially lower than cow's milk or soymilk. So I might eventually start making my own blend of oat milk + soymilk. We shall see.

Also, I suspect oat milk is NOT a good choice for anyone with any kind of blood sugar concerns. Oats are a high glycemic index food.

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