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June 10th, 2019

Getting clean and organized

This past weekend was a weekend of cleaning and organizing. We had a combined team practice on Saturday with the juniors, and then I got everyone to work on various boathouse tasks: getting rid of all the detritus that somehow accumulates in every shared space ever, giving all our oar handles a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, trying to sweep the dust (oh, the dust).

I think we might need to try shop vacs for the dust. I'll have to talk to a few people about that.

Then I went home and actually had space and time to Not Do Anything. I can't remember the last time that has happened. So then S and I biked over to a brewpub in Troy to try their beer (verdict: ehh) and play Scrabble (verdict: S won! Curses! I demand a rematch!).

On Sunday, I made coffeecake (Dad's recipe with modifications), then went into Helga mode. It's like scratching an itch, knocking back the crumb and grime buildup.

Now that S is largely finished with trailer welding, it's possible to use the front porch for other things. So after some discussion, we decided to transform the space into a sewing space. The door-desk has been living out there, covered with plants and various other miscellanea. S did some touch-up refinishing work on it, and then I hauled out the cutting table, ironing board, and boxes of fabric and sewing notions.

The best part of that is that it has freed up some much-needed room in the back bedroom. So that kicked off another round of tidying and organizing in the back bedroom, too. I swear, papers start to breed if you just leave them lying around in piles for long enough.

Boy does it feel nice to have things in places.

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