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June 12th, 2019

Things I need for Adulting

Yesterday, [personal profile] ivy linked to this post about what's currently happening in the US especially in large cities with housing shortages, tech booms, and consequent impacts on individual lifestyles + stuff ownership. [note: I think reading the post was strongly anxiety-inducing for me, due to having moved all over the place over the last 5 years, plus having certain kinds of job instability in my life, plus seeing a lot of what's described happening in cities like Seattle and the Bay Area. Also, I was buffered from a lot of this when living in the Bay Area but it was clear I was fortunate.].

Anyway, that post led me to this post on how to set up a home filing system. Super helpful and a thing I need in my life.*

Related to all that: Do any of you carry renter's insurance? Have suggestions on how to go about that?

Pretty soon here I'm going to need to go through that whole process of getting set up with a healthcare provider and dental stuff/etc. Again. I mean, again again, really. It's a little horrifying to not be set up with those things yet, but let me tell you, again, that's a product of how my life has gone over the last 5 years or so. And I'm highly, highly aware that I have the incredible good fortune to being able to push this stuff to the back burner for a period; I suspect the vast majority of people are not so fortunate and I am deeply sympathetic to how much harder that makes life when moving to a new place. (yay, academia) Also I am sure I will suffer some consequences of having pushed this stuff off (see: teeth).

*Edited to add: I have a home filing system at present, but was realizing that it's deficient in certain key ways (year-over-year management, specific categories). So that's a lot of what I'm getting from this post.

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Bike commute

I hit and killed a chipmunk while riding my bike on an errand this afternoon. It darted out so quickly in front of me that there was no time to react - right in front of my front wheel. I turned back to check on it and moved it off the bike path and into the grass.

I think that's the first mammal I've ever killed with my bike.

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