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June 19th, 2019

Cut a rug

Working on writing papers means I'm spending a lot of time sitting in my office. That means I'm spending extra time staring at and thinking about the floor in my office. Bike commuting through wind, rain, sun, and snow means my office floor often gets dirty. So I've been idly contemplating getting another mat like the one we recently bought for our back door at home.*

But that would mean another trip to the Big Box Hardware Store (sigh).

This morning, while biking to work, I rode my bike right across some old door mat that had somehow made its way into the middle of the street. So then I turned around, waited until there was a lull in traffic, picked it up, rolled it up, and stuck it in my pannier.

My father would be so proud. "Roadside treasure!" he would declare. My mother usually greeted this declaration with skepticism (depending, of course, on the nature of the rescued object).

I gave the mat a pretty thorough rinse in a sink. Seeing as it is a big doormat that was in the middle of the street, a lot of grime came out. I probably didn't get all the grime out, but then again our sinks aren't really big enough for cleaning such objects. Still, it's now cleaner than it was.

It's old and starting to fall apart a little around the edges, but it'll do.

*When we moved in, our landlord had put in some cheap industrial carpeting just inside the back door that kept on slipping around all over the place. S narrowly avoided getting severely hurt once when he slipped on it and almost fell all the way down the basement steps! So we replaced it with a rubber mat that has been awesome: stays in place, traps the dirt.

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