July 2nd, 2019


Weird things to know about [bicycling]

Some kinds of bike chain lube smell way worse than others. How I know: My office is poorly ventilated and Frodo lives in my office during the day.

Always The Best (A.T.B.): Smells bad upon initial application, but the smell quickly goes away, within a day or two. (product contains a volatile solvent that evaporates off, but this lube is too lightweight for rainy climates).

BoeShield T-9: Doesn't have a strong smell. Also doesn't come out of the bottle nicely, leading to massive amounts of wasted product. Won't bother to buy again.

Tri-Flow: Not a problem (I think...haven't used it recently because I can't get more due to local bike shop hours being almost completely incompatible with my life).

WD-40 BIKE: Nonononononono, I'm going to die. My sinuses hate me, nobody should visit me in my office. I'm surprised the plants haven't wilted away.

The WD-40 BIKE chain lube was all I had lying around. I applied it on Friday right as I left work. Blechhhhhhhhh.

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