August 15th, 2019


Still listening to this over and over again; cat; rowing

I ordered an older recording on CD, but you can also listen to it on that one big video streaming service owned by the Goog.

Emma was not too happy when I got home last night after a rowing Board meeting, and then refused to eat her mix of raw food + gushy noms. And so then after that she cried for most of the night. This morning I provided separate piles of each food type, but she still wasn't too interested, so I might have to crack open a different tin this evening. At least I'll be home and awake for a few hours this evening. Yesterday was a meeting double-header day: coaches meeting in the morning, Board meeting in the evening. There were signs of good progress at both meetings, making them worthwhile, but still, it's a lot.

I am highly aware of the dangers of burnout on the rowing leadership front, because I can't afford to let it negatively impact my professional life and goals. On the flipside, it is rewarding for everyone when there's a need and there are ways I can work with others to help fill it. In the longer term I am hoping we can stabilize things to the point where we can start to do even more powerful work in communities here, by developing ways to bring in people who haven't traditionally had as much access to water sports or organized sports in general, and providing them with opportunities to develop as rowing student-athletes.

Plus, the more people we can get down to the river, the more people will care about the state of the river, and the more likely it is that we can keep momentum going towards making the river a clean and safe place for recreation. Right now we're rowing through a disgusting and depressing amount of wastewater, and when it rains hard there are uncontrolled combined sewer overflow discharges. This is a huge and mind-bogglingly expensive infrastructure item to change.

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