August 19th, 2019


Cat setbacks

I thought that Emma and I were making good progress on food transitions, but now, not so much, sigh. Two recent unfortunate tidbits:

-One of the types of wet food has chicken in it. She threw up again, just a teeny tiny bit, after eating it. Further support for my chicken allergy/intolerance hypothesis.

-She is refusing to eat _any_ of the types of wet food now, and is back to crying all night long. This morning I put all food away (I'd left out some dry food and wet food overnight, after she'd been refusing to eat any of it). We'll see what happens this evening, but I'm not especially optimistic. I'm wondering whether the wet food has been making her feel odd because it probably sits in her digestive system differently than the dry food she has eaten for the past 15 years.

So, all told, one way or another, it's time for a vet trip.

I think the last time I took her to the vet was once when she stopped eating for 2 days, maybe about 10-12 years ago*. There was noting wrong with her at all, although we did learn from an x-ray that she has an unusual spine. This upcoming vet trip will probably be more about education of the owner (me) than anything else, although they will probably also want to run a whole list of older cat diagnostic tests if I let them. I'm conflicted on medicalization for pets, as I am for humans. I realize many/most of you may disagree with me.

Do any of you use any online pet food ordering services?

*I realize many people take their pets to the vet much more frequently than this.

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