August 20th, 2019


Writing, writing, and more writing

1. One of the two courses I am teaching this fall is a course on experimental design and scientific writing (called "SciWriting" for short). We'll use Pechenik's book A Short Guide to Writing About Biology, along with a custom booklet written by the faculty here, called the Guidelines booklet, which contains a whole bunch of complementary elements on statistics, R, experimental design, and writing.

So of course I have Opinions about how it's organized and am revising it for my own purposes. What I know so far is that the students have learned how to use R in the course in the past, but almost none of them continue using R after they finish the course. (how I know: countless hours wasted spent trying to help Animal Physiology students futz around with graphs in Excel or the Goog). So there's a gap in setting students up to transfer their knowledge.

2. I am making some forward progress on manuscript-writing. For some reason it seems like I always wind up doing a lot of the heavy lifting on every academic project I'm involved in. So forward progress on writing always feels slow.

3. I continue to be concerned about how writing tasks for rowing obligations may be eating into brainspace for the above two categories of professional writing. I need to pace myself.

Doing a lot of writing puts me into the state that [personal profile] scrottie often describes as "being boring."

You know, aside from the cat updates. (This morning's update: she will still eat the raw food diet. I'm now starting to think [personal profile] shalpacafarm might be correct about a tooth problem. She keeps taking a bite or two, then makes an awkward face and runs away, but eventually she'll come back and eat more).

Back at it.

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