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Circle of Life in the garden

The weather's finally starting to turn. Four of the strawberry plants are barely hanging on. August and September always seem to do them in.

I think the chocolate peppermint has perished. The rosemary plant that I got at the wedding of my friends M and K is dead, a good 5-6 years later. At least it had a good run in Texas - it often flowered out here. I'm sad to see it go, but I feel like it had a satisfactory life. Another lavender plant is dead, and so is the oregano. The swiss chard looked like it was going to make it, until this week, and now it's clearly toast, too.

Meanwhile, the satsuma's pretty happy, with its plump little fruits that should be ripe in another 2 months, and the eggplant is coming back to life - this variety makes small globe eggplants that are quite tasty. A fall tomato plant is starting to take off in the garden bed, and J's broccoli plants have come back to life. I'm still surprised and delighted by the return of the pomegranate. The fairly new thyme and sage plants are also happy, and the lemongrass and bay bush are still doing their thing. Same goes for all of the ornamental plants - succulent, spider plant, wee succulent planter, and the Texas lantana. All pretty happy.

The pile where we dumped out compost from the Villa Maria house is overgrown with melon and watermelon vines, but there's only one small melon so far. It's pretty late in the year for melons.

I think I want to plant some lettuce this fall, but that's probably going to be just about it, unless J gets really excited about the idea of prepping more vegetable bed space to grow some winter crops. Instead I'm going to mostly focus on nurturing the worms and building J and K a worm bin bench. It should serve as an improved compost-disposal system, compared to the current anaerobic fermentation pile.



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Sep. 29th, 2014 02:33 am (UTC)
We have late volunteers in the compost. It makes me feel kind of sad. There's a spaghetti squash that just went from flower to gourd about a week ago. Phoo.
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