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Under a Rock

I need to apply for jobs. I need to apply for jobs.

I skipped rowing - again again - despite the fact that I was wide-awake by 5 am. People were over for dinner last night, and I needed some quiet space to myself. I think I'll wind up excusing myself early this evening. It's too much, and I need to apply for jobs.

In the meantime:

Monday: Wrapped up revisions on Cricket Manuscript 2 and sent them to my boss. Fixed FrankenErg.

Tuesday: Reviewed that manuscript for Fancy Math Journal. Submitted three recommendation letters for an ace student applying to graduate programs. Packed up and shipped some cricket diets to a collaborator. Bought groceries. Voted.

Wednesday: Compressed a day's worth of R tutorials into a 1.5-hour slot for Friday's workshop. Went to a seminar and stayed awake through most of it.

Thursday: Waited for my boss to tap me on the shoulder to work on Cricket Manuscript 2. While waiting, wrote a draft of the website for Friday's R workshop, and cleared my inbox of the backlog of 15 electronic tables-of-content for major journals in my field. Found a couple of cool articles, including a great one demonstrating group selection in natural populations of social spiders. All previous demonstrations of group selection have been in artificially-selected animals like chickens. Then - boss tap PLUS wrangling files and installation instructions for the two other workshop leaders.

Tomorrow will be eaten up by the workshop. Saturday morning will be eaten up by boat work. I've been trying to track down instructions on how to replace rowing shell hatch covers, without success. It seems to me like they need to be sealed around the edges, but with what? I think I'm close to ready to work on skeg replacement, except that it's probably not a good idea to try and get silicone to cure on a boat that's sitting outside in wet, rainy weather.

I need to apply for jobs. Hard enough to work up the energy when I'm less busy.

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