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A solid Tuesday's work and a re-evaluation of the job application situation now leave me in a slightly more sane state of affairs, mid-week.

Things may come crashing down again tomorrow, or they might kindly wait until Friday, depending on who gets back to me about what, when. I'll turn in one more job application this week, and another one the following week, most likely. I have something that resembles a decent (if not good!) talk for next week's conference, and I'm pretty excited about presenting the talk, too. Great data. The talk is on the next cricket stuff that needs to get turned into a manuscript and published. Here's how the writing process is lined up, at the moment:

1. Turn in revisions to Cricket Manuscript 2 to journal (MS 1 is already published) - early next week, hopefully.
2. Work on revisions to Cricket Manuscript 3; goal is to have it first-submission ready by mid- to late-December
3. Work on revisions to Leafcutter Manuscript 2 (MS 1 already published); I'd like to have this one first-submission ready by mid-December as well, but this one is a bit more tricky to push out the door due to people politics that differ from the cricket people politics.
4. Work on data analysis and rough-drafting of Cricket Manuscript 4; goal is to have a solid draft together by the end of January.
5. Figure out how to move forward on the next leafcutter manuscript - evaluate the state of samples that haven't been analyzed yet, figure out what can get done before I leave Texas, and prepare samples for travel. Decide on whether it will be about behavior or about nutrients.
6. In the spring, see if we can push out ~3 or 4 more cricket manuscripts...I've got data for Cricket Manuscript 5, but have barely touched it for the sake of data analysis.

Lots of computer time. Something tells me I won't mind, at least during the wintry season in Nebraska. And by the way - I'm going to Nebraska for at least six months, starting sometime in January. Slightly more definite announcement at this point. Looking forward to it, and the spring brevet season there.


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