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At one point, while traveling along I-5, I attempted to count the number of construction cranes in south Lake Union. The area's booming like mad, thanks to our national obsession with shopping on our computers. I only wish the net result benefited the company's workforce (the warehouse runners in particular), that there were a way to eliminate the associated packaging buildup (no locker pickup out here), and that the shipping logistics benefited the US Postal Service. Small changes, really.

To house the burgeoning workforce, there's been a boom in the construction of block-long luxury condominiums. So far, the most horribly hilarious one, with the paint hardly dried, is one that proudly displays a giant WONDER BREAD sign on the front.

The luxury condominiums have driven up real-estate prices on Capitol Hill in a crazy way, and gentrification is in full force. The newcomers, as with many itinerant Americans, tend to shop and eat at recognizable chain establishments. The collective effect keeps hitting the film scene there. I have so many fond memories of going to movies at the Egyptian and the Harvard Exit. The Egyptian was only recently spared by the Seattle International Film Festival. It's hard to know what will happen to the Harvard Exit, but to me it's clear that the Harvard Exit is an iconic Seattle establishment that will be greatly missed. It has been an anchor destination at the south end of Broadway.


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Dec. 4th, 2014 09:25 pm (UTC)
Yeah... Mayhem and I would like a bigger place (we are currently in a tiny tiny apartment intended for one person), but the prices are pretty terrifying, so I'm not sure that we will move. We'll see once he gets his job review next month.
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