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Holiday Challenge Season

I don't know the next time I'll get to row. I have this feeling that it will be harder in Nebraska than it has been in Texas, and not only because Nebraska is frozen in the wintertime. The closest body of water is 25 miles away from Lincoln instead of 10 miles away, and I can't entirely imagine repeating the whole introductory rigamarole I went through here. Plus, my arrangement with the team here was unusual.

But I want to retain contact with the sport through the dry spell. So, I'm working my way through one more year of the Holiday Challenge. The Challenge is to erg 200,000m (200k) between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Thanksgiving travel was sufficiently mad that I didn't try to pay up for erg time at the Pocock Center (plus, it's hard to ensure access to Pocock outside of regular business hours). Then I got my dad's cold.

The cold's still lingering, but I'm in Holiday Challenge mode and will make it happen. This will be my eighth Holiday Challenge. The only gap was the year I went to Australia, where I managed to finish the 100,000m distance in 5 of the 10 available days and then my body told me on no uncertain terms that it was time to stop (I did half-marathons five days in a row).

During the Holiday Challenge, life is simplified down into two phases:

-Not Erging, but thinking about it constantly and figuring out the next time I'll be erging (today's short answer: I failed to get up at 5 am, so I'll erg right after work instead). KM and I have had some entertaining discussions about this phase.

I will probably try to keep up the erging and other general fitness through the new year, as it should provide me with a good cardiovascular base for the spring brevet season. It might be time to schedule myself for another erg marathon for motivation.



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Dec. 10th, 2014 07:56 pm (UTC)

This is an easy year for us; our only travel during the holiday season was at Thanksgiving and we took our erg along. There have been a couple of years where I did the 100km version due to travel or moving. I think there was only one year I didn't do it at all - foot injury back in about 2008 - and I've been doing them at least as far as CII records go back. (I think I know where my old paper records are - I should really try to check those, because I'd like to know how many Challenges this makes for me.)

I'm in the 4th cycle of the 80km marathon training plan, so at least getting the distance in comes naturally. I hope your cold goes away very soon!
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