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Rowing on the brain

The trouble with getting up early and erging in the morning is the energy crash that happens an hour after the conclusion of erging. It's bad enough this morning that I postponed the bike ride in to work until lunchtime.

But at least I got the day's meters done.

Last night's dream was rowing-themed: it involved sitting in bow seat, holding a wooden oar handle, and feeling exceptionally weak and as if I'd forgotten everything I knew about rowing. Then, for some reason, the coach decided to pull all of the other rowers out of the boat (they'd all been selected to race in an upcoming regatta for which I wasn't eligible), so I had to row the boat back to the dock by myself. Magically, it worked, despite the fact that I was sweep rowing with only one oar (port).

The other day, a friend pointed out this system for converting a stand-up paddleboard to a single rower. I imagine it would feel like rowing an ocean wherry - more pleasant than an erg, to be sure, but not quite the same as skimming along in a narrow, sleek racing shell. But I also imagine it would be more durable and easier to store and transport for those of us who are itinerant.



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Dec. 10th, 2014 07:14 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't mind one of those. WHen we were in Hawaii, I found that I preferred sitting down on a SUP. I can stand up on one (though waves are difficult - but hey, I'd never tried it before!) but mostly it felt like doing a headstand in a rowing shell: yes, I've proven I can do this, now lets go move the boat more efficiently. The only advantage I can see to standing on a SUP is that it really is better for surfing the waves into the beach. But I've seen people using them on lakes and even canals, and if you're trying to go anywhere, then I think sitting down works better in terms of energy expended per distance. And if you're going to do that, might as well have a really efficient way to paddle.
Dec. 10th, 2014 09:01 pm (UTC)
I've never tried a SUP, but about the only other fun application I've ever heard of is SUP-yoga. I find SUP-yoga fascinating because neither activity by itself is all that appealing to me, but the combination *is*. Probably because it's water time, but also because it would require an additional level of balance/motor control.

Several years ago, I had a chat with Okie about SUPs - it was around the time when they were first allowed on Tempe Town Lake. He was telling me about how he had timed how long it took to paddle various watercraft all the way around the lake. I wasn't especially impressed by the time it took to paddle an SUP around, but was quite impressed that he'd gone to the trouble of trying it out! Then again, that's part of why he was so fantastic.
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