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Life these days mostly consists of erging and writing manuscripts, although I did get to spend Sunday afternoon making a bûche de Noël with the housemates. J had never made a French buttercream before, so it was fun to show him a new trick. Meanwhile, A, K, and B played with marzipan for decorations, instead of the slightly more traditional meringue:


This photo shows the backsides of a couple of wee ants made by A, and a whole bunch of sparkly mushrooms. And yes, that's Mr. Hanky in front. My eventual conclusion is that at some point I'm going to have to make a more biologically-accurate bûche. Think about it - I could fill it with all kinds of insects and fascinating fungi!

Anyway. By yesterday afternoon, I was exhausted, but managed to get myself on the erg nonetheless. From the erg, I headed straight to a nearby bar for a bicycling "brews cruise" put on by one of the local brewers. Because, yay bikes, and yay, another chance to ride around with silly lights! After our second stop, in downtown Bryan, I'd just about lost my voice, so I headed home and to bed.

When I'm about to go to sleep and scrottie is out of town, I always send him a quick good-night text message, and then he sends along a reply shortly thereafter. Well, I must have been REALLY tired last night, because I was out pretty cold by the time he texted back. And yet a part of my brain decided that I wasn't really asleep after all, so I should send him a second text in reply to his first text. The most I remembered of the experience the next morning was a feeling of the struggle involved in typing in the correct letters on the phone keypad. It turns out I sent a pretty coherent message, in the end. But I hope I don't make a habit of this sleep-texting.


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Dec. 16th, 2014 10:34 pm (UTC)
Note to self, here's someone else who made a more biologically-accurate log:
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