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On the trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving, I worked on finishing up a pair of arm-warmers for my father. While he warned that his hands are larger than mine, I succeeded in making arm-warmers that were still slightly too big when I tried to scale up the pattern I used for my cabled arm warmers. Ah well. On the trip to Seattle for Grandpa's funeral, I did observe that he's getting use out of them (evidence here, at the annual bowling outing).

So then, on the trip to Seattle for Grandpa's funeral, I brought along the next project on the agenda, a vest, where my intention is to create something warm and also use up two handspun skeins that have been gifted to me. One of the skeins is some camel wool yarn from the Snow Leopard Trust (their napkins and a few other items will look familiar to some of you). The other is handspun wool from Minnesota. I'm somewhat afraid that I'll run out before I get to the top of the vest. I had started knitting up the vest in a larger size, but decided to frog it after knitting about 7 inches so as to restart a smaller size. I made good progress during the drive to and from Big Bend, so now I'm back where I started. But slightly more motivated to churn my way through the project.

The weather here has turned as well, and now I'm also jonesing to get to work on other warm things that will serve me well in Nebraska, and maybe a few things that scrottie might appreciate. Socks and mittens on the mind. This year's knitting season will be longer than usual, thanks to the move to Nebraska.


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Jan. 7th, 2015 04:37 am (UTC)

That is awesome.
Jan. 7th, 2015 03:48 pm (UTC)
It's interesting stuff. The first skein that my parents gave to me isn't the greatest - there are a lot of little bits of hay worked into the yarn, so I wouldn't want to make it into something worn next to the skin. But on the other hand, it's nifty because Camel Wool. As with ceramics projects, I've come to decide that knitting projects deserve some care because I want the final item to be something that's loved and well-used, not stuffed into the back of a closet (see: the first and only sweater I've ever knit).
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