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Lucky pennies, year two.

In 2014 I spent less time riding on the urban roads that seem to have a higher volume of dropped money. However, I *did* manage to find a lucky $5 at one point (near the bike racks on campus), and I also found two lucky dollar bills in a field while on a long bicycling adventure down towards Allen Farm and Washington on the Brazos. So all said and done, the 2014 tally came in at $20.59, as compared to $18.15 in 2013.

Things rejected by the bank:

A small, metal, penny-sized disk with a hole punched in it (thinner than a penny)
A button with an eagle on it (Waterbury Button W21 USA)
A 20-centavos piece from Mexico
What might be a badly-scarred penny with ~25% broken off of it
Unknown currency (just a couple of visible letters, penny-sized but not penny-colored)
A Euro Cent from 2004.

We shall see whether the Nebraskans drop money on the ground in a comparable fashion. I tend to see the most at busy car intersections.

Also, today's Root Simple follow-up on stuff-purging is an important one, on what starts to happen as one encounters the more tedious and difficult categories of stuff. Turns out it's not so easy to pare down on those fronts. The linked story about the Collyer brothers is pretty amazing.

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