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The ruffled feathers begin to settle

No gas leaks last night, and I was able to cook myself a simple birthday dinner of macaroni and cheese from a box, with sauteed carrots, peas, mushrooms, and onions. Oh, and a dab of the delicious jalapeno sauce my mom sent me for my birthday (thanks again, Mom!). I bought some random brand of chipotle salsa from the grocery co-op that was labeled as "hot," but forgot that midwesterners have zero heat tolerance, so the salsa is all smoke and no fire. I sent an emergency message to my friend J to Please Send Halp in the form of peppery goodness, but it will take a little while for him to get a package assembled. I happen to know he has a good collection of dried jalapenos and serranos, plus some really good Korean hot pepper flakes.

Anyway. It also felt good to be back in an office yesterday, working on manuscript revisions. Too much sitting at home makes me anxious. I took the day off from the bleaching project, too.

For those who might want to see a photo tour of the place, plus a handful of photos from the trip up here, click on the photo below.

Side door

I think I'm going to wind up leaving the stuff that's in the storage pod, in the storage pod. It was entertaining to go through and decorate the living room in an extremely minimalist fashion after I finished bleaching it. Even with the minimalist furnishings, it's a comfortable and pleasant space, and I think it will be useful to have the space once I finish the cat test-quilt and start in on the larger quilt.

People keep asking me about what I'm sleeping on. It's one of these roll-up futon mattresses. While it seems like it's on the thin side, it has been incredibly comfortable. I might eventually put a tatami mat underneath it, but I haven't gotten that far in my shopping yet. Using my sleeping bag as a comforter is giving me motivation to finish the quilt. I found the coffee table propped up out back behind the building, so I'm assuming it's free for the taking.

I need to write some stuff about the book I'm reading and about sourdough sometime soon.


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Feb. 12th, 2015 03:16 pm (UTC)
For a year now we have been sleeping on the floor on a traditional japanese-style futon mattress. It's wonderful, and my back feels great all the time. Plus, getting up and down off the floor every morning is wonderful for maintaining joint flexibility.
Feb. 13th, 2015 01:32 am (UTC)

Yes! I slept on a cheap, crappy futon for a month during the summer between sophomore and junior years at Tufts (couldn't afford a bed), and that thing was pretty terrible, so I was a bit hesitant to try the roll-up futon. But the roll-up is completely different, and so far, so good...

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