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Organize all the things

I keep pondering the best way to work in some commentary/discussion about the most recent Root Simple decluttering posts, which are about decluttering one's diy supplies and garden, but I haven't arrived at a satisfactory method just yet. I do appreciate their perspective on how nature will eventually reclaim things for itself. I've certainly had that happen with my yarn stash. Vegetables, too. And paints.

I am thinking, though, that the best response is really just a reflection on my current living situation and how I got here. The majority, if not all of you, know that I packed most of my belongings into a moving pod six months ago, and sent the pod ahead to Lincoln while I wrapped up my time in Bryan. Thanks to J, K, and B, I was not wanting for any creature comforts while in Bryan; I was especially amused that J has the same blender/food processor that I had. We did an extravagant amount of cooking, as scrottie had predicted.

Now that I'm here, I have the dilemma of whether or not to call up and have the pod delivered. On the one hand, it would mean the return of things like the KitchenAid mixer and toaster oven, convenience items. On the other hand, it would mean having to figure out where to cram all the gardening supplies and dealing with the filing cabinet full of notes and papers.

I do miss things like my spice collection.

The Root Simple authors suggest that a lot of the psychological baggage that is attached to diy-supplies comes from a "just in case" mindset, and I suspect they're right. I've already had a number of "come to Jesus" moments about crafting supplies, which is why I only kept a couple balls of the crochet thread from my grandma and donated the rest to the thrift store. During this interim period, I intentionally kept a couple of projects out of the storage pod, but it has been interesting to track how other projects have come and gone over this period. For instance, I made two sisal cat scratchers, one for Emma and one for Creature.  The only remnants are a bit of wood glue and two clamps, which have come in handy for other things.  I frogged most of a sweater vest that I'd started, purchased two additional skeins of yarn for it (the first of which wound up being a bad color judgment), and paused to knit arm warmers for my dad instead. I had to buy duplicate knitting needles for the arm warmers, so now I have to figure out what to do with the extras. First world problems, as they say.

The vest and the quilting project are now sitting here in the living room, front and center, but I've been finding other things to do lately.  Hopefully I can get myself into a routine soon that includes time for crafts in addition to time for books, time for cooking, time for exercise, time for the leafcutter manuscript, and social time (like volunteering at the bike co-op). Actually, cooking is significantly simpler by myself.  I made a pasta bake yesterday that will last for four meals, and a soba seaweed salad today that will last two meals. I really only need to cook twice a week when it's just for me.

One thing amazes me-despite my pared-down possessions, getting things organized still ate up a bunch of time today. On the other hand, I now feel much better organized than I've felt in ages, which will hopefully help me focus on work tasks. Work here promises to be much more demanding than in Texas, but I'm glad for that.

I also checked out the Lincoln Bike Kitchen this afternoon. randomdreams should be pleased to hear that I was FINALLY able to get the fender bracket bent to the correct angle today, although I lost some other hardware (foreheadslap) so no installation photos just yet. The Bike Kitchen was both comfortingly familiar and hilariously different from Bike Saviours. Lots of apologetic greasy handshakes, but absolute CHAOS in the parts organization department. So I spent two hours trying to sort things on a benchtop until I could at least see the benchtop again, and in the process started to learn my way around the shop. I think my next self-assigned project will be to revamp their tube patching station, which currently only consists of tire levers, sandpaper, and tire boots, ha. You might recognize that sime key ingredients are missing. They also badly need fresh shop rags. If any of you have ideas for free sources, I'm all ears. Seriously, the shop is kinda like they just set loose a horde of teenage boys in the place...which actually probably isn't all that far from the truth.

Bur really, I've mostly just been procrastinating on the bleaching project. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get back at it, so I can be DONE.

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