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A *foreheadslap* sort of Monday

I should have clued in when I accidentally put yogurt into my coffeecup, instead of into the jar sitting next to it (fortunately I hadn't added any coffee at that point, so the transfer was easy). Then, the person on the radio declared that it was one minute past the hour, when my clock said quarter-till. When I checked the time on my bike odometer, it agreed with the person on the radio. As it turned out, my cell-o-phone's time was off, so then I arrived on campus a good 30 minutes later than I'd intended. But to top that off, right as I got to campus another horror dawned on me: I'd managed to leave home without my backpack, which contained my laptop, phone, et cetera. And I had to go to radiation safety training, and I didn't know where that was happening - some environmental health and safety building.

Checking the map, I discovered the building wasn't on the main campus, but on the east campus. There wasn't time to do anything other than scribble out directions, hop on my bike, and go. The ride out there wasn't so bad, except at some point my bike cable fell out (I lock up with a cable and U-lock). Then things got more merciful - an attentive driver alerted me to the dropped cable, and when I reached the office, 20 minutes late, I wasn't the last person to arrive. The health and safety guy was gracious and threw in plenty of jokes throughout his presentation.

I biked home at the end of the training and got my backpack.

I don't think I'm going to try doing anything too sophisticated today. Goodness gracious.

Also, the bike path between campuses was fairly nice, and today I discovered that there's a hilarious sign on the trail I take in to work, that says Halfsie Way Pt.


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Feb. 17th, 2015 03:45 am (UTC)
Two steps forward, one step back
Some days are made for punting! Just think, you've got the RST checked off your list, you got your coffee, retrieved you lock, and learned about new territory. Your backpack wasn't stolen, you didn't get into a wreck, and it sounds like your sense of humor is intact! Tomorrow will be more "productive"...
Feb. 17th, 2015 03:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Two steps forward, one step back
After a certain point, I just had to laugh about everything, because you're absolutely right. :-)
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