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I did a stupendous job of channeling Helga today. Helga is my hyper-cleaning OCD alter-ego, in case you haven't met her before. I really should make up some calling cards that just say, "Helga was here" so I can leave them in places after I've Cleaned.

I think I will be eligible to leave one at the Sour Milk House upon my departure. Assuming I keep things up.

I found some actual mildew this morning, along a crevice in the doorframe to the front bedroom - the room that had a ceiling collapse due to water funneling in from the balcony above it. I think I'm going to make "mildew spot-checks" a biweekly or monthly task, particularly in those high-up places that are easily overlooked. I also finished bleaching the hallway and dining room, so the only two spaces that remain are the bathroom and the back entryway. The end is in sight, hallelujah.

I also started to vacuum out the air intakes for the furnace. Those were looking mighty fuzzy, but the fuzz is mostly dust. Still, gross.

Then I came in to work to help an undergraduate with cricket stock maintenance. The lab is currently understaffed in that department, so it's up to me to step up. No problem; it isn't like I have a busy social life at the moment or anything. It's menial work but satisfying to see things neat and tidy. I have great contempt for scientists who find themselves utterly unable to care for their study organisms (job's beneath them, they're slobs, et cetera). TZ seems to agree with me in that department, which is great. Life's so much better when one's boss has one's back.

I've been doing some mental calculations about the stuff I've got in the storage pod. I've been paying ~$100/month for storage, which would work out to $600 to store things for the 6 months I'm here. However, if I leave stuff in the pod and have it shipped off to the Great Beyond (whatever my next destination happens to be), I'll still have to pay shipping fees again. Plus I'll have to rent another small moving truck, no matter what I do. So it seems most financially reasonable to have the pod delivered and then do my next move entirely by truck or entirely by pod. That will add another layer to the sorting and organizing, but once the bleaching is finished I think I'll be ready for it. Plus it will be nice to have access to things like bike tools and parts and desk space and spices.

Time to go do laundry.

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