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I snuck away from work on Friday to catch a plane to Denver and then to Phoenix, for the fourteenth annual Desert Sprints Regatta, and of course to see scrottie in person as well. Traveling just for the weekend is exhausting, but with only a six-month term of employment at UNL I can't afford too much time away from the crickets. So it's better than nothing.

The first flight was a smaller plane, so they gate-checked my pannier. I managed to remove and stash the shoulder strap, but didn't have the presence of mind to pull off my SuperFlash taillight. When I picked up the bag in Denver, it was gone, although someone had shoved a Michael Crighton novel into the front pocket (Pirate Latitudes). I also managed to lose my grapefruit spoon from where I'd wedged it into my mug cozy. Sigh. Both items are replaceable without too much hassle.

I spent twelve hours on Saturday looking at this:

Desert Sprints Regatta 2015

The crane in front of the center building was mostly disassembled over the course of the day, which was one way to mark time. I also worked as the regatta announcer again. It of course made me miss rowing. I hope I can channel this feeling into some motivation to work on fitness this spring.

At the end of the day, I was tired, but the good news was that sitting for most of the day allowed my leg to rest to the point where it feels better - a huge relief. S had remarked that colder temperatures lead to tight muscles and a higher probability of injury if one isn't careful about warming up properly.

The leg recovery allowed the two of us to go on a gorgeous Sunday morning bike ride, along paths both familiar and new, up and around Mummy Mountain. The Phoenix air still doesn't entirely agree with me, especially with the high spring pollen loads, but the temperatures were perfect and it was great to just ride without having to think about much of anything.

I met with a grad student in the afternoon, to talk about his follow-up research based on my dissertation work. The ant manuscripts also need attention. Then S and I went out for dinner and a Scrabble game, and that was the weekend.

Someone on the early-morning flight from Phoenix was sick to the point where they turned the plane around on the runway and headed back to the gate, so of course I missed my connection in Denver. At least, unlike the Dallas airport, wifi in the Denver airport is free. There are worse places to be trapped.


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