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After this afternoon's cleaning rampage in the cricket rearing room, I'm back to thinking that I really *do* need to make up some calling cards that just say, "Helga was here." For those who don't know, Helga is my super-clean alter-ego. Occasionally, you might pass through a space that's ordinarily a bit disheveled, and notice that it's exactingly clean and organized.


In other news, here's my current "garden":
Wee corner garden
Kale, rhubarb, pomegranate, thyme, rosemary, lavender, celery, red-leaf lettuce, sage, nasturtium, and freshly repotted cherry tomato and basil in the milk cartons in front. I've run out of pots to put plants into. I have inadvertently given away so many plant pots. I should probably just stop here anyway, even though I have this wondrous collection of seeds begging to be put in the ground. The garden's an analogy for me living in Lincoln. It at least gives me somewhere to put the worm compost I generate from kitchen scraps.

Sometimes I wish this balcony wasn't shared with the neighboring apartment, though, especially when one of the neighbors is outside smoking. On the other hand, the three women who live next door are as nice as anyone could ever ask for, for neighbors.

I also wish I knew who was throwing bags of dog poop into the recycling bin, which sits right next to the two trash cans. This makes me miss the drive-in recycling facility in Bryan, just a bit. At least with the drive-in facility, my recyclables were correctly prepped and sorted.


I was able to capture some video footage yesterday of the cuteness which is my cat when playing with the tiny soccer ball that she loves. Sometimes it's hard to believe she's almost twelve.

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